Welcome! This is the website of the non-profit Action for a Better World
A Better World (Starts in You)

The mission of Action for a Better World is to encourage good deeds of its members and act as a platform to facilitate the execution of charitable initiatives by its members.

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Free Online Interactive multimedia university project, which maximizes new digital and web technologies, to allow any person to study and expand their knowledge in their subject from anywhere in the world.
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At ReComputer we restore, reuse, and recycle computers and their accessories, lengthening the life of computers and reducing the severe environmental impact of this type of waste.
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Área Creativa

Creative Area is working on creating an international network of live-work spaces, where artists trying to pursue their artistic careers can live and rely on the appropriate facilities to succeed in their endeavors.
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Medios y Arte por el Mundo Futuro

Producer of cultural and artistic content focused on topics that help to awaken a social conscience or raise awareness on important issues like; environmentalism, animal welfare, social justice, spirituality, etc.
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Vergel ecológico "Campo Nuevo"

We maintain a small ecological orchard, where we cultivate various vegetable and fruit trees that provide us with exquisite fruits; cherries, pears, persimmons... The long term project is to expand our territory to supply soup kitchens and feed families in need, among other things.